Three-Link Technology Solve In Digital Marketing

From the rapid growth of PINDUODUO in 2015, and its listing in 2018 as the third pole of e-commerce, China’s new e-commerce era has begun. Subsequently, KWAI and TIKTOK announced their entry into the e-commerce field through live broadcast e-commerce with the advantages of short video content platforms, marking China’s full entry into the new e-commerce era.

In the new e-commerce era, the industry is more open and competition is fairer. For merchants and service providers of TMALL, and TAOBAO, there are new growth platforms; for entrepreneurs, new e-commerce platforms have created New brands and opportunities to become new service providers.

In the e-commerce era represented by TAOBAO, merchants have achieved efficient sales growth by launching TAOBAO through trains. Various “driving service providers” are also helping TAOBAO sellers reduce the cost of streaming and improve sales efficiency. Later, the independent TAOBAO mall was quickly renamed as TMALL mall. Merchants and service providers can continue to use the original investment experience to continue to achieve growth; even the social e-commerce model that emerged later, merchants and service providers can still continue to use the original Some have experience in investing in e-commerce.

That is to say, for a long time, the marketing and operation methodology of e-commerce has not undergone essential changes. It was not until the rapid rise of KWAI e-commerce and TIKTOK e-commerce with short video content that there was an essential change in digital marketing.


Multidimensional Data And Outgoing And Entering Sichuan 

The first is that “multi-dimensional data” can effectively improve the digital marketing agency hk, allowing merchants to have a clearer understanding of the purposeful needs and potential needs of users. The user behavior data and needs are correlated and analyzed, and the “browsing needs, click needs, search needs and sharing needs” are summarized. Share data across multiple dimensions.

The “interested e-commerce” proposed by TIKTOK e-commerce is actually the process of understanding “potential needs” after users’ browsing and sharing, while the “trusted e-commerce” proposed by KWAI e-commerce is that users understand after clicking, searching and sharing. The process of “purposeful needs”.

Of course, both TIKTOK e-commerce and KWAI e-commerce are striving to understand the “potential needs and purposeful needs” of users in multiple dimensions of behavior data, so TIKTOK e-commerce is launched on TIKTOK mall to form “global interest e-commerce”, KWAI e-commerce is Strengthen the recommendation mechanism to form a “new market business”.

The so-called “going out and entering Sichuan” is the new era of e-commerce. More TAOBAO/TMALL merchants have come to TIKTOK and KWAI platforms to carry out e-commerce business. Huge Qianchuan” and KWAI e-commerce’s “Magnetic Golden Bull” were put into advertising, trying to replicate the successful investment experience in the past to achieve faster growth in the bonus period of TIKTOK e-commerce and KWAI e-commerce.

I learned that an underwear business that has been in TAOBAO and TMALL for 11 years has only made money in the first two or three years. Now the profit is very low, and it is impossible to make money by launching “TAOBAO Live Car”.

Although 20,000 to 30,000 orders can be made a day for promotion through TAOBAO customers (the model of paying promotion fees after transaction), but one order can only earn 1.5 yuan, which is only the gross profit of the product. If labour costs and logistics costs are counted , is a loss.

According to the huge amount of data from Qianchuan in 2021, there are already nearly one million merchants investing in TIKTOK, and the scale of merchants entering Sichuan has increased by more than 5 times in 8 months. They have achieved sales growth and considerable profits by placing huge amounts of Qianchuan advertisements.

Of course, these data also released an important signal to merchants: with the continuous increase of merchants entering Sichuan, the traffic dividend of TIKTOK e-commerce is gradually fading, and the platform is about to enter the stage of refined operation.

It seems that the so-called “refined operation” requires merchants to summarize mature methodologies based on a large number of practices in terms of online and offline data contacts, user portraits, platform marketing, explosive product creation, and brand building, and combine third-party technology and Service capability for day-to-day operations and marketing.

With the help of these mature methodologies and the technology and service capabilities of third-party service providers, each merchant can gradually establish a differentiated competitive advantage, form a threshold, and have the opportunity to continue to achieve high growth after the end of the bonus period and wait for the next bonus period. ‘s arrival


Digital Marketing Methodology and Third Party Technologies and Services

For most businesses, limited by their scale and capabilities, they cannot well summarize their own methodology. At this time, the methodology of the e-commerce platform and the third-party technology and service capabilities can be directly used as the guidance for the team in daily operations and marketing. For example, the “FACT+ global management methodology” summarized by the TIKTOK e-commerce platform and the “STAGE live broadcast operation methodology” of KWAI e-commerce.

Of course, since the methodology of the e-commerce platform is based on the business model and business model of its own platform, different platforms need to adopt different methodologies, which increases the cost of learning and also has higher requirements for organizations and talents.

While third-party service providers serve multiple e-commerce platforms and merchants, their technology and service capabilities can be more targeted and versatile, and can be effectively implemented on multiple e-commerce platforms.

According to the in-depth research and analysis, it is found that the professional global digital marketing DaaS platform (Data as a Service, data as a service) – YOUCLOUD’s YOUSHU has built a “data-driven marketing” in solving the three difficulties of digital marketing agency hk. “Three-Link Technology” allows mature merchants who “go out of Taobao and enter Sichuan” and new merchants on new e-commerce platforms to enter the stage of refined operation and continuously improve “people efficiency” and “product efficiency”.

In the new e-commerce era, digital marketing presents two characteristics:

One is thousands of people and thousands of faces. The huge number of thousands of rivers system is based on crowd tags, which means that people with different gender, different ages, different preferences, different cities and other tags will see different advertisements, which requires before advertising. Simulate the behavior of many real users before making ads more effective.

Because the advertisements are placed on thousands of people, and many TIKTOK streaming advertisements are gone after they are cast, they are not displayed on the homepage, and data cannot be simply obtained through traditional crawling technology, so it is difficult to monitor TIKTOK advertisements in time.

With 12 years of advertising technology accumulation and in-depth understanding of business processes, YOUCLOUD can track and monitor the material of “advertising logos”, which is its unique advantage in technical capabilities.

The second feature of digital marketing is dynamic and changeable. YOUSHU’s team has 12 years of experience in advertising services. The relevant technologies and business processes can be dynamically adjusted according to the data, and the corresponding products can be selected for promotion in a timely manner following the changes in user needs.

Based on YOUCLOUD’s world-leading data analysis technology and mature customer success service system, YOUCLOUD’s data covers TIKTOK, KWAI, TENCENT advertising, BAIDU and other full-traffic platforms + industry-wide vertical tracks, covering graphics, short videos, live broadcasts Streaming, live broadcast and other full-content marketing data, with cross-platform data insight and analysis capabilities, provide insight and analysis before launch, creative strategy during launch, and data attribution analysis after launch, helping enterprises to improve the efficiency of full-link marketing.

In terms of “data-driven marketing”, YOUCLOUD has formed the accumulation of advertising data and the corresponding technical and operational capabilities, and built corresponding industry barriers.

To sum up, YOUSHU has formed a “three-connection technology” that can be applied to multiple new e-commerce platforms in multiple industries, and has opened up three links of data through technical capabilities.

The first link of YOUCLOUD connects advertisements, sales in the live broadcast room, and celebrity accounts. Why is this important? Because the marketing intelligence that many merchants can collect is fragmented, an advertising idea seems to be good, but I don’t know what the sales of the products it promotes or the live broadcast room are?

Similarly, when I see a product that explodes, and at the same time, I see that it is making short videos to bring goods, how to judge that it is exploded by short videos? This requires knowing whether it is doing live broadcasts at the same time, how the live broadcasts are selling, whether the live broadcasts are streaming, and so on.

The second unique link that YOUCLOUD has opened up is the connection between three-party marketing data and one-party tools, such as recommendation of advertising copy necessary for streaming, recommendation of product selling points, so that optimizers can see some references in time when creating advertisements. It is suggested that after using it in advertisements, it is better to put out advertisements that can yield.

The third link opened by YOUCLOUD is the connection of multi-channel and third-party marketing data. The channels we cover include mainstream media such as TIKTOK, TENCENT, BAIDU, and KWAI.

Different e-commerce platforms have different rules and data presentations. Once the marketing data of different platforms is connected, merchants can truly achieve efficient and effective allocation of resources and funds between different platforms, and at the same time reduce the learning cost of different platforms. , faster to adapt to the operating rhythm of the platform to achieve sales growth.

YOUCLOUD aggregates multi-channel categories of hot-selling market, advertising materials, popular copywriting, peer store analysis and other data that can be connected. The more data and the more connected links, the more problems businesses can ask and solve. Marketing data is constantly updated and reorganized to form YOUHU, an organism full of vitality. It can be imagined as Liu Bei’s Zhuge Liang, a think tank that gives rational and well-founded opinions at any time when businesses encounter difficulties.


Three Major Challenges Of Digital Marketing

The “three-connection technology” of YOUCLOUD and YOUSHU is a unique technical capability formed by the practice of serving many merchants in multiple industries. It specifically solves the “difficulty in selecting products, materials and streaming for merchants to do digital marketing agency hk in the new e-commerce era”. “Three Problems.

The first is “difficulty in selecting products”. Many merchants should feel deeply about this problem: how does a good product match a creative advertisement; how does a creative advertisement match a suitable product? How to choose products quickly?

The YOUSHU team has summed up the logic of five major products after serving many businesses:

The first is to analyze which new tracks will appear from the entire market, and what new product forms will appear on these new tracks. For example, new products corresponding to the prefabricated food track;

The second is to always grasp the current hot sales trends and popular elements and gameplay;

The third is to track the dynamics of competitors. YOUSHU’s data platform can track the entire marketing link of the peer’s explosive orders, helping merchants to do more accurate attribution analysis of explosive sales;

The fourth is to analyze consumer preferences from data such as popular copywriting, popular buyer portraits, and sales packages. Including some potential dark horse products, learn about the most potential new products through the potential list;

The fifth is to understand the trend of historical explosions. YOUSHU has created a “selection calendar” to help merchants quickly find historical explosions. After all, consumption trends are cyclical. If you find popular explosions in the past, there may be more explosions. .

YOUSHU dismantled a beauty hit product in April this year, Muscle Prophet, and found that the style of this explosive product fully referred to the selling point packages and marketing selling points of the same explosive product at the same time last year.

A Chaoshan merchant that has recently served has its own clothing supply chain, and has also deployed e-commerce platforms such as TIKTOK and KWAI. There are three specific needs:

a. Master the sales situation of multi-platform channels and understand the consumption trend and demand;

b. Timely dig out the dark horse explosive products of the category to meet the needs of extension products;

c. Analyze the promotion methods behind the popular products of the same industry.

According to these three requirements, in addition to the selection staff of Qianchuan, the merchants will use the big data of YOUHU’s new e-commerce platform to quickly grasp the hot sales of clothing in the four new e-commerce channels of TIKTOK, KWAI, TENCENT and BAIDU; at the same time; It can also refer to the historical explosive data, predict the clothing consumption trend of the season in advance, and then restore the marketing link of live broadcast explosive products through marketing big data, so as to determine the key nodes and starting methods.

With the assistance of the YOUSHU team, the market trend was successfully predicted. The monthly sales of new products reached 200,000+, and differentiated product selection was achieved on the TIKTOK e-commerce and KWAI e-commerce platforms, and the probability of explosive products increased by 30%!

The second difficulty that merchants encounter in the process of digital marketing in the new e-commerce era is “difficulty in creating materials”. Every merchant who invests in the business is aware of the importance of advertising materials, which plays a decisive role in volume and ROI.

Especially after the algorithm upgrade of the huge amount of thousands of rivers, the overall direction is to favor the high-quality content. If the merchants are still blindly piling up plans or raising bids, the old way of grabbing the volume is outdated.

Both TIKTOK e-commerce and KWAI e-commerce officials require better content to improve user experience and achieve a win-win situation between merchants’ explosive orders and a benign ecosystem of the platform.

However, for TIKTOK e-commerce merchants and KWAI e-commerce merchants, the production of a large number of materials requires a corresponding team and time, the cost is huge and the cycle is long, not to mention time-consuming and labor-intensive. content”.

YOUSHU has established an exclusive live streaming creative material library and live feed streaming materials on the entire network. By directly searching for the live broadcast account name, you can quickly query and trace the delivery effect of the related materials in the live broadcast room to verify the quality of the materials.

In the process of serving merchants, the YOUSHU team found that the approval rate of many merchants will affect the efficiency of material testing and mass production, so it has developed a “new advertising” function to help merchants view freshly reviewed materials in a timely manner and grasp the review criteria.

A well-known pharmaceutical brand distributor specializing in functional beauty and personal care products has achieved the top ten category in KWAI, with monthly sales of up to 600,000 yuan.

At present, through YOUSHU’s 30 million+ streaming material library, the dealer draws lessons from different categories or specific merchants’ creative gameplay, tracks new approved materials in a timely manner, and grasps the approval standards. The final approval rate has increased by 50%, and the amount of materials has exploded. The chance is increased by 30%, and the sales volume is increased by 100 times.

Finally, after solving the difficulties of product selection and materials, brand merchants face another major problem in the e-commerce platform with different marketing and operation rules.

In the process of a trading company served by YOUSHU, this problem is well solved through the YOUSHU platform.

The company operates a wide range of categories, including clothing, shoes and bags, daily necessities, home improvement, cultural and entertainment, digital home appliances, sports outdoor, automotive supplies, mothers and children, etc.

Every day, 2000+ plans need to be established on the TIKTOK e-commerce and KWAI e-commerce platforms. Different platforms require different materials and corresponding advertising copy, which consumes a lot of time and cost every day, and the inspiration is easy to dry up.

Through the YOUSHU platform, merchants can create new advertising plans on multiple e-commerce platforms in batches, and adjust budget, time, and bids in batches. The number of plans that can be stacked in the same time increases tenfold, which is equivalent to saving 90% of the time cost.

In addition, merchants can also carry out “batch advertisement copying”, which can quickly copy an excellent advertisement into dozens of expansion plans at one time, greatly improving the speed of volume.

And with the help of YOUSHU’s intelligent advertising tool, you can enter relevant hot words, product function selling points, etc. at the same time when creating a plan, and automatically recommend excellent copywriting on the entire network.

In the process of streaming, merchants can also see the live broadcast date and broadcast time of peers and competitors, live broadcast sales, live broadcast talents, live broadcast products, user portraits of store live broadcasts, and the number and time of live broadcasts, etc. In-depth Discover the strategies behind other people’s best deals.

Obviously, more and more merchants use YOUCLOUD’s DaaS platform and YOUSHU’s platform and tools to solve the “difficulty in selecting products, making materials and streaming” through “scientific product selection, creative reference and delivery improvement”. Difficulty” three difficulties.

YOUCLOUD and YOUSHU are also continuing to strengthen in-depth exchanges and cooperation with TIKTOK e-commerce and KWAI e-commerce. In January this year, YOUSHU was selected as a huge number of high-quality API technology service providers.

Soon, YOUSHU will not only be found in the [Technical Application] of the Qunfeng Market homepage, but will also appear directly on the recommended tool page of Qianchuan’s backstage.

At that time, YOUCLOUD will also launch a product called “YOUSHU Explosive Single Selection Artifact”. Through the multi-dimensional list, it will help merchants to tap potential explosive products and improve the success rate and efficiency of merchants’ selection.


The Value Of YOUSHU

Through in-depth research on the “three-connected technology” and cases of YOUSHU’s “data-driven marketing”, the two major values of YOUSHU are summarized, namely product value and service value.

In the new e-commerce era of content e-commerce and social e-commerce, if only data and tools are provided, it is difficult for merchants to truly achieve rapid business growth, let alone establish a differentiated competitive advantage. After all, data and tools cannot really solve the difficulties and pain points of merchants operating on the platform.

Data and tools can only be “productized” in combination with the difficulties encountered by merchants in their actual operations, and combined with corresponding marketing and operational “services”, so that data and tools can play a role in building brands and increasing sales.

The accumulation of YOUCLOUD over the years has formed five major advantages: “large-scale users, full-content ecology, intelligent technology, full-link efficiency improvement, and streaming and efficiency improvement”.

These five advantages are ultimately reflected in YOUSHU’s products and services. Through the “three-connected technology” capability and the “content + tools + data” platform and services, it can truly solve the “difficulty in selecting products, making products” in the new e-commerce era. The three major difficulties of material difficulty and streaming difficulty”.

As YOUCLOUDVP and YOUSHU project leader Meng Feifei said at the “YOUSHU First New E-commerce Trader Conference”:

“If you compare big data to cooking raw materials, YOUCLOUD 1.0 is like opening a market to sell vegetables, YOUCLOUD 2.0 is like selling recipes + matching pre-made dishes, and YOUCLOUD 3.0 is door-to-door service to teach customers how to cook, and develop new dishes according to customer needs. Mode.”

I believe that YOUCLOUD will have more possibilities in the future, and new e-commerce platforms and merchants can innovate more products and services in “data-driven marketing”, tap more potential opportunities, achieve more successful cases, and communicate with customers. Grow together!

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