The Lifestyle And Habits Of Modern Americans

It is often said that different countries have different cultures, and these different cultures are reflected in the daily lives of ordinary people, which will form vastly different lifestyles and habits. Here we gather the survey results of different media so that netizens can learn more about American culture from the lifestyles and habits of ordinary people.

1. According to statistics from the National Public Radio and CNN, the area of new single-family houses in the United States has increased by almost 1.5 times in the past half a century, from an average of 90 square meters in the 1950s to 2013. 230 square meters. The pursuit of large living space has become a trend.

2. Despite the increase in housing area, Americans still feel that the space is not enough. They pile up extra items in the garage, use the garage as a self storage hong kong, or use it as a tool room. According to data from the Department of Energy, about 25% of households with two garages are filled with objects and there is no place to park; the other 32% of households can only park one car in the garage. I don’t like to park my car in a garage, but I like to have a garage when I buy a house. This is one of American habits.

3. In the past 40 years, the number of people renting self-storage rooms has increased rapidly. According to the New York Times, about one in ten Americans rented self-storage rooms for various reasons. For example, temporarily store items in the storage room when moving or renovating the home, or if there is not enough space in the home, put furniture and clothing that are not used but reluctant to throw away in the rented storage room. Due to the huge demand, self-managed warehouses have developed rapidly in the past 20 years. There are more than 50,000 self-managed warehouses in the United States, which is 5 times the number of Starbucks coffee shops; each warehouse is divided into wine storage rooms of different sizes. Every American has an average area of 7.3 square feet, which makes it a wonder in the real estate industry.

4. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual cost of American households on clothing is US$1,700. According to the Huffington Post, about 30 kilograms of clothes are lost every year.

5. “Business Insider” reported that in 2013, about 47% of households were “Moonlight people” and all their incomes were used up without any deposits.

6. “USA Today” reported that there are more TV sets in American households than people. The average time each TV is on is 8 hours and 14 minutes a day, which is more than 8 hours working day.

7. According to “Psychology Today” statistics, there are many large shopping malls in the United States, and more than 90% of teenage girls take shopping in the mall as their favorite pastime.

8. According to the “Wall Street Journal” report, Americans spend 1.2 trillion US dollars on non-essential items every year. They feel good or necessary when they buy them, but they are of no use after they are bought.

9. According to the statistics of Giving USA, the annual charitable donations of Americans totaled 360 billion U.S. dollars, of which personal donations accounted for 72%, and each family donated an average of 2030 U.S. dollars (approximately 12,800 RMB), accounting for About 1.9% of revenue.